ECG-derived Cardiopulmonary Analysis of Pediatric Sleep-Disordered Breathing

Guo D, Peng CK, Wu H, L,Mietus JE, Liu Y, Sun RS, Thomas RJ

Sleep Medicine 2011;12(4): 384-389

An ECG-derived sleep spectrogram, based on CPC analysis previously described in adults, can provide information about the severity of sleep disordered breathing (SDB) and coupled interactions of sleep modulated autonomic drive and respiration. We hypothesized that CPC algorithm-derived metrics will correlate with nasal pressure-based apnea–hypopnea scoring in pediatric population.

ECG-derived sleep spectrogram metrics are correlated with nasal flow-derived respiratory abnormality in pediatric SDB. In suitable clinical contexts, this method may have screening utility and possibly allow tracking of treatment effects, specifically in children with severe SDB

Practical Significance:
The high correlation between CPC metrics and nasal flow derived metrics in pediatric SDB patients demonstrates an opportunity to screen for SDB and track treatment effects.

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