Electrocardiogram-Based Sleep Spectrogram Measures of Sleep Stability and Glucose Disposal in Sleep Disordered Breathing

Pogach, MD; Naresh M. Punjabi, MD, PhD; Neil Thomas; Robert J. Thomas, MD

SLEEP 201235(1):139-148

This analysis explored associations between glucose metabolism and an EEG-independent measure of sleep quality, the sleep spectrogram, which maps coupled oscillations of heart-rate variability and electrocardiogram (ECG)-derived respiration.

The ECG-spectrogram analysis of sleep quality may provide information beyond that obtained by conventional polysomnography (PSG) in relationship to glucose metabolism

Practical Significance:
Experimental sleep fragmentation can impair insulin sensitivity. ECG-derived sleep-spectrogram measures of sleep quality are associated with alterations in glucose-insulin homeostasis. This could improve our understanding of sleep and sleep-breathing effects on glucose metabolism.

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