SleepImage Releases New Account Type

Product Release
November 20, 2018

SleepImage v 8.10 – Release Notes
Software Release Date: 11/20/18

Denver, CO - SleepImage proudly announces continued development of our system.  Changes are being made to our pricing structure and product delivery based on requests and feedback from users to offer a “per study” price to simplify cost allocation for testing each patient. 
The simplified product offerings and customer experience are being simplified on December 1, 2018.  The SleepImage system will keep track of the number of sleep studies that can be uploaded from each product key purchased.  This will eliminate the manual process of applying product keys for each patient, as has been required with the Patient-based account type. 
As of November 20th, Patient-based and Device-based account types will begin a transition period.
•Active Patient-based accounts will be able to purchase 1-day and 7-day patient memberships through November 30, 2018 which can be used through January 1, 2019.  Any remaining Patient-based accounts will be converted starting on January 2, 2019.   
•Active Device-based accounts with memberships expiring before March 31, 2019 will continue as normal until membership expires.  Device-based accounts with memberships expiring after March 31, 2019 will be contacted directly to discuss their transition dates.        
•An early transition incentive is offered for unused dollar amounts on both Patient-based and Device-based account types. Unused memberships can be converted to Report Credits at a 20% discount on the dollar amount invested.
To take advantage of the transition incentive by converting earlier than the stated transition date, please contact us at to transfer your account type.  
Note that all historical data remains within your new account type. You will have the ability to access all historical patient data, per patient, for 60 days after applying credits to an uploaded patient study.  This effectively keeps each patient’s data accessible for as long as you continue managing your patients using SleepImage.  Please note that each patient set up in your account can only be used to upload data for that individual patient, to be compliant with Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.
We welcome your feedback and comments to as we thank you for your business and hope you will continue to find SleepImage a meaningful tool in your clinical practice.
Thank you,
The SleepImage Team