SleepImage adds Decision Assist Tool

May 4, 2017


SleepImage V8.1.0 – Release Notes
Software Release Date: 5/3/17

SleepImage proudly announces the release of a “Decision-Assist” tool on its Corporate platform. With this release, SleepImage continues to enhance product usability to help clinicians with sleep disorder screening. SleepImage is a user-friendly tool for accurately analyzing the balance of the Autonomic Nervous System during sleep providing Clinicians objective and operator-independent data to make decisions for patients suffering from disrupted sleep.
Sleep Disruption
Based on clinical research and validation of the SleepImage output against the commonly used Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI), the Decision-Assist makes it easier for clinicians to understand the relationship between the SleepImage output and AHI.

The SleepImage system is focused on measuring sleep quality. The system tracks and reports sleep disruption which can be caused by many factors including sleep apnea, whereas AHI is only focused on sleep disordered breathing. This approach is helpful for clinicians in identifying underlying causes of disrupted sleep and setting patients on the most beneficial treatment path.
Sleep Disordered Breathing
Sleep Disordered Breathing is the most commonly tested for sleep disorder preceding therapy. The SleepImage system has biomarkers of Sleep Disordered Breathing called elevated Low Frequency Coupling broad-band (e-LFCbb) and elevated Low Frequency Coupling narrow-band (e-LFCnb) together with the Sleep Quality Index (SQI) and Sleep Apnea Indicator (SAI) which form the SleepImage “Decision-Assist.” It can be simplified as follows:
  • SQI – An index of Sleep Health
  • SAI – An indicator of Sleep Disordered Breathing
  • e-LFCbb – An indicator of Obstructive Sleep Disordered Breathing
  • e-LFCnb – An indicator of Central Sleep Disordered Breathing
  • e-LFCbb + e-LFCnb – An indicator of Complex Sleep Disordered Breathing
Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders.  SleepImage biomarkers are very useful to test for disrupted sleep, including Insomnia.  SQI is an overall measure of sleep health.  A consistent SQI of 55 or higher (scale of 0 – 100) for adults and 65 or higher for children and adolescents indicates healthy sleep.  This is an intuitive and simple metric to evaluate sleep health, whether it is identifying disrupted sleep or tracking the efficacy of therapy for a sleep disorder.
SleepImage Decision-Assist
The SleepImage Decision-Assist is based on three categories to assist clinical decision-making:
  • A Red Indicator - Clear Evidence of Sleep Disorder
  • A Yellow Indicator - Evidence of Sleep Disorder
  • A Green Indicator - No Evidence of Sleep Disorder
The automated and operator-independent SleepImage output is not an automated diagnostic output. Clinical assessment must be exercised before clinical decisions are made.  The Decision-Assist can aid clinical decisions which are the sole responsibility of each clinician interpreting the SleepImage output.
Upgrade requirements and other considerations
Current SleepImage customers with a Corporate account will automatically benefit from these upgrades.  Both future study uploads as well as studies that have already been uploaded benefit from this release making it possible for clinicians to revisit previous evaluations or determinations using the new Decision-Assist to compare against previous clinical decisions. 
For further information, please visit the Help tab of your SleepImage Corporate Account where you will find the updated Instructions for Use which contains the new Decision-Assist information as well as a stand-alone PDF summary SleepImage’s new Decision-Assist functionality.

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