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Sleep Data Recorder and Membership

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Wellness Accounts

SleepImage Wellness is designed for Individuals to manage their sleep and share data with their Clinicians.

For Individuals

Use this single-user account type to:
   -Track and manage your sleep
   -Share the results with your Clinician (if desired)

To Get Started:

  • Sign Up for an account using a unique email address belonging to you.  
  • After creating your account, Sign In and go to the Store link to purchase a Sleep Data Recorder Kit and the Membership that suits your needs:
    • Wellness Membership - Provides unlimited use of SleepImage to track your Sleep Quality over time to help you manage your sleep.
    • Prescription Membership - Provides unlimited use of SleepImage to track your Sleep Quality over time and allows your Clinician access to more detailed data to screen for sleep disorders and/or track the effectiveness of therapy aimed at improving your sleep.  To purchase Prescription Membership you must first Invite your Clinician, using the registered email address for your Clinician's account with SleepImage.  Invitations are sent and accepted using the Invitations Tab in your SleepImage Account.
  • Click HERE to learn more about Wellness Accounts 

For Clinicians

This is a dashboard account type available only for Clinicians to:
-Connect with an unlimited number of Patients
-Review your Patients' sleep studies

  • Click HERE to learn more about Wellness Clinician Accounts


Corporate Accounts

The SleepImage Corporate software is an FDA-cleared medical solution designed for organizations such as: Licensed Healthcare Providers, Corporations under the supervision of a Licensed Healthcare Provider and Medical Researchers.

Account Setup for Corporate Accounts

Use this multi-user account type to:
   -Screen for Sleep Disorders & Track Therapy Efficacy
   -Add unlimited Patients and Clinicians
   -Upload and Review Patients' sleep studies

To Get Started:

  • Sign Up for an account as a Corporate Administrator. (Only one Account and one Administrator is required per organization)
  • After creating your account, Sign In and select your Membership type.
    • Patient-Based Membership - Patient-Based Membership is based on a limited time-based term for each Patient, available for 7, 30, 60, 90 or 180 days, paid upfront for each Patient for the time period selected. Membership includes unlimited uploads of studies and unlimited reports during the term. Sleep Data Recorders are purchased separately. 
    • Contact us to learn about additional membership types.
  • Corporate Accounts are ONLY for licensed healthcare practitioners.
       LEARN MORE  
  • Read our Corporate Website Instructions for Use IFU.png
    • Step-by Step Instructions for Signing Up, Adding Patients & Clinicians
    • Navigating your Account
    • Reviewing Patient Studies
  • Read our Clinical Instructions for Use IFU-(1).png
    • A Clinician's guide to the science behind SleepImage
    • Understanding SleepImage Sleep Studies
    • Case Studies & Publications List
  • Read our Recorder Instructions for Use IFU-(2).png
    • Recorder Lights, Changing batteries
    • How to Apply the Sleep Data Recorder
    • Uploading & Resetting the Recorder
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