SleepImage Software

SleepImage is an FDA-cleared medical software to measure sleep quality and evaluate sleep disorders to inform or drive clinical management (aid clinical diagnosis).  The SleepImage system is designed for Licensed Healthcare Providers, their Patients, Corporations under the supervision of a Licensed Healthcare Practitioner and Medical Researchers.

• Decision-Assist tool to aid clinical evaluation of sleep disorders
• Phenotypes sleep apnea as obstructive or central (complex)
• Measures sleep duration accurately based on physiology
• ​Measures Insomnia and Sleep Apnea

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  • Sign Up as an Account Administrator. (Only one Account and one Administrator per organization)

    • ​​the Admin generates additional staff sign in credentials

  • Sign In to your account


  • Visit the Store - link accessible from your SleepImage Account.


  • Purchase Sleep Data Recorders, Electrodes & Report Credits

    • Sleep Data Recorder Kits include: ECG Cable, Computer Cable and enough electrodes for 3 sleep studies.

    • Electrodes are bundled in 9, 30 and 90 test packs.

    • Report Credits:​ 

      • initiate analysis and report generation on a per-study basis.

      • grant patient historical data access for a period of 60 days.

      • are shared amongst all account users.


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