SleepImage Software

The SleepImage software is an FDA-cleared medical solution designed for organizations such as: Licensed Healthcare Providers, Corporations under the supervision of a Licensed Healthcare Practitioner and Medical Researchers.

• Enables value-driven, outcome-based care
• Essential tool for chronic disease management
• Dynamic Tracking for therapy efficacy & treatment intervention
• Easily and efficiently screen large populations
• Maximize recovery and optimize performance of elite personnel

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  • Sign Up as an Account Administrator. (Only one Account and one Administrator is required per organization)
    • ​​Once the Admin is Created, the Admin generates Clinician sign in credentials
  • Sign In and select Patient-Based Membership.
  • Visit the Store to purchase Sleep Data Recorders, Electrodes & Patient Memberships
    • Memberships are is based on a limited time-based term for each Patient
    • 1, 7, 30, 60 or 90 day Membership Terms are available
    • Each Membership is paid upfront for each Patient for the time period selected.
    • Membership includes unlimited uploads of studies and unlimited reports during the term.
    • Memberships are activated once the Membership Product Key is applied.


  • Read our Corporate Website Instructions for Use IFU.png
    • Step-by Step Instructions for Signing Up, Adding Patients & Clinicians
    • Navigating your Account
    • Reviewing Patient Studies
  • Read our Clinical Instructions for Use IFU-(1).png
    • A Clinician's guide to the science behind SleepImage
    • Understanding SleepImage Sleep Studies
    • Case Studies & Publications List
  • Read our Recorder Instructions for Use IFU-(2).png
    • Recorder Lights, Changing batteries
    • How to Apply the Sleep Data Recorder
    • Uploading & Resetting the Recorder
  • Visit our YouTube Channel for Tutorials and How-To Videos YouTube-(1).png

Contact us to learn about additional membership types.