Like a consumer wearable it is simple to use.
Unlike a consumer wearable it is clinically validated.

SleepImage is FDA-cleared to evaluate sleep disorders.
SleepImage is FDA-cleared to aid diagnosis of sleep apnea.

Patients will appreciate the low-cost and for clinicians, the more it is used, the more cost-effective it becomes, creating a win-win situation.

SleepImage is for Licensed Healthcare Professionals and their Patients.

Sleep varies from night to night. Dial in the difference to improve the precision of clinical decisions. Patients will appreciate testing their sleep at home over multiple nights, using a single sensor technology for considerably less cost.

Establish sleep health

Evaluate sleep disorders

Diagnose sleep apnea

Manage sleep disorders

SleepImage is a powerful clinical tool that has been thoroughly validated.

SleepImage helps clinicians to help patients. 

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