Sleep Health Management
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Sleep Disordered Breathing

SleepImage technology is based on Cardiopulmonary Coupling (CPC).

SleepImage is Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) that analyzes data from electrocardiogram (ECG) or photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensors.

SleepImage reports are automatically generated and presented along with expected values in an easy to understand manner that can be shared with multiple clinicians for multi-disciplinary approach to patient care. The results can also be shared with patients using our intuitive report, with expected values noted and color coded to engage patients in their treatment.
SleepImage optionally graphs accelerometer data if recorded and displays snoring and body position from actigraphy worn on the torso.

SleepImage is cloud-based, HIPAA compliant and accessible from an internet-connected computer to review patient data using password protected authentication protocols for each individual clinician within each clinical account.

SleepImage is FDA-cleared for
Children and Adults to:
Evaluate sleep disorders
Aid diagnosis of sleep apnea
Manage sleep disorders 


  • The Sleep Quality Index (SQI) is a summary of all the SleepImage output. It is clinically validated and has expected values for sleep health in children and adults.
  • Improve clinical diagnosis with multiple data points using the automatically generated SleepImage report to account for intra-night variability.
  • The low cost and ease of use makes SleepImage an effective tool for sleep disorder management. Repeatedly tracking sleep in the patient’s own home leads to improved outcomes.


  • The Sleep Quality Index makes it intuitive and easy to track sleep health to proactively address health issues before they become costly health problems.
  • Patients who track their sleep health over time contribute to improved clinical evaluation that will lead to better diagnosis and improved therapy management.
  • The low cost and ease of use of SleepImage enables patients to take an active role in tracking the efficacy of their treatment. Successful treatment improves their health & wellbeing.

Unmatched and rooted in science.


SleepImage has the only FDA-cleared measurement of sleep quality, the Sleep Quality Index (SQI), to track sleep health over time.
SleepImage is the only FDA-cleared test to aid diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing (SDB) that offers software generated information on oxygen desaturations (sAHI) and cardiovascular reaction to paused breathing (SAI), providing a comprehensive severity measure of SDB.
SleepImage is the only FDA-cleared test to aid diagnosis of SDB in children that can be performed in the child’s home, with an AHI output that is comparable to manual scoring of AHI from PSG.




Clinically proven.

SleepImage technology has been validated in
over 70 Peer-reviewed Clinical Publications.

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