This is what a picture of sleep quality looks like
Good sleep promotes good health and poor sleep leads to poor health



The only FDA-cleared measure of what matters most, Sleep Quality

Actionable sleep information to predict health outcomes and manage chronic conditions

Sleep occupies a third of life - ask the Autonomic Nervous System and you will get the picture
how you can help your patients - it is not a subjective evaluation


• SleepImage is your partner in prevention

• SleepImage is your compass in sleep disorder evaluation

• SleepImage is your aid in sleep apnea diagnosis

• SleepImage is your coach in sleep disorder management

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New Standard of Care

Don't preach prevention but practice circumvention.
Don't wait for poor health to develop from poor sleep.
Incorporate sleep care at every level of healthcare.

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Real science
Really simple

Engage your patients in manging their health like they have never seen before.

Over 20,000 polysomnography (PSG) studies.
Over 70 peer-reviewed publications.
Included in medical textbooks on sleep medicine.
FDA-cleared to establish sleep quality.
FDA-cleared to evaluate sleep disorders.
FDA-cleared to aid diagnosis of sleep apnea.
FDA-cleared to manage sleep disorders.

Management of cardiovascular and cardiometabolic diseases, mental health, pain management, pediatric health, and of course, sleep disorders will benefit from an integrated sleep health management.


Welcome the Solution

It started with an idea, that sleep is controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System sending signals that are reflected in the cortical brainwaves, heart rate variability and respiration.

The idea led to experiments, coupling heart rate variability and respiration during sleep and comparing that to the cortical brain waves using Polysomnography (PSG) that collects all the data.

The results showed that slow wave sleep (EEG) presents equivalent features in stable sleep (HFC) from Cardiopulmonary Coupling (CPC). Furthermore this showed that sleep is bimodal like life itself.

Life is either in a state of wake or sleep. Sleep is either in a state of NREM or REM. NREM sleep is either stable or unstable. Unstable sleep is either part of normal sleep architecture or pathological. That is the SleepImage difference. The only sleep test that makes the complex look simple. Now everyone can understand sleep and track sleep health.


Exponential potential

The future is now. Healthcare is Changing.
With hundreds of millions in need of sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment, the opportunity to improve lives is extraordinary and unprecedented.
SleepImage is rooted in science, designed for multi-disciplinary care, incredibly easy to use and low-cost like no other clinical sleep test.
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