Welcome the Revolution

The concept is very simple. Sleep is essential to life. Good sleep promotes good health and poor sleep leads to poor health. Getting enough quality sleep is not a luxury – it is an absolute necessity. 

Sleep appears to be the simplest thing in life, a state of unconscious rest to prepare for tomorrow. Sleep is however anything but simple. To understand sleep, it is simply not enough to only quantify hours or designate sleep as light and deep, or as REM and NREM sleep. The really important part is capturing sleep pathologies to see whether these unconscious hours are spent in “fight or flight” or “rest and digest”.

That is the value of SleepImage, it is the only FDA-cleared technology to measure that most important aspect of our lives – Sleep Quality.


New Standard of Care

We like prevention. We practice circumvention. Healthcare should be defined by health and wellness but has become overrun by sickness and cost.
Billions of people suffer from preventable diseases. Trillions of dollars are spent on treating these preventable diseases. Incorporating sleep care at every level of healthcare is vital to turn the tide of the current trajectory of public health.


Science made simple

With increased awareness of the importance of sleep, there is increased interest in measuring and understanding sleep.

Consumers have access to multiple devices that claim to measure sleep but lack scientific validity. Healthcare professionals have access to clinical technologies that lack convenience and cost-effectiveness.

SleepImage is the solution that combines clinically validated medical science and the convenience of consumer wearables.


Welcome the Solution

How can something so simple be so powerful?

SleepImage reflects autonomic nervous system regulation during sleep. It all starts with sleep quality that is objectively associated with health outcomes.

Whether your focus is prevention, diagnosis, or care of chronic diseases, good sleep quality is essential.

SleepImage is clinically validated and FDA-cleared to be your partner in prevention, your aid in sleep disorder diagnosis and your measure of success in therapy management.


Exponential potential

The future is now. The market opportunity is untapped. Healthcare is changing. With hundreds of millions in need of sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment, the opportunity to improve lives is extraordinary and unprecedented.
SleepImage is rooted in science, designed for multi-disciplinary care, incredibly easy to use and cost-effective like no other clinical sleep test.  SleepImage is Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), inviting collaboration without sacrificing clinical validitiy.
Collaboration is healthcare providers working together across different specialties.
Collaboration is insurance companies working with healthcare providers to improve outcomes and lower cost.
Collaboration is companies taking the health of their employees into their own hands.
Collaboration has a common goal of improving lives, and the possibilities are endless.