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About a third of adults usually get less sleep than they need to stay happy and healthy.  Not getting enough quality sleep has negative short-and long-term consequences.  

In the short term, lack of quality sleep leads to tiredness, irritation and lack of alertness causing accidents and mistakes that can lead to injury and disability. In the long term, sleep deprivation is linked with many chronic diseases that reduce life expectancy such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes and depression.

Getting enough quality sleep is therefore not a luxury – it is an absolute necessity.  Sleep is the most important hours of life, where memories are consolidated and muscles are rebuilt. It is important to identify sleep disorders early to evaluate the type and severity before untreated sleep disorders lead to chronic diseases and reduced quality of life.


Upgrade your life!

Talk to your primary care physician, a specialist, or your dentist about getting to know your sleep quality and evaluate if you have an untreated sleep disorder. Untreated sleep disorders negatively affect chronic disease management, while improved sleep quality will lead to a healthier and happier life.


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A healthier way of life starts tonight. Get a measure of your sleep quality with SleepImage®, and then use your data to see how slightly modifying your behavior can open a world of better, healthier sleep. Say hello to understanding your sleep quality—and goodnight to guessing what you can do to sleep better.


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Objectively measure sleep quality with a clinically proven method that enables you to effectively identify the potential for health issues and to maximize treatment benefits.


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SleepImage offers the only FDA-cleared unit of measure for sleep health and an opportunity to evaluate or manage sleep disorders to aid diagnostic decisions. Expand clinical consultation with SleepImage to be more precise and meaningful based on objective data about the balance of the autonomic nervous system during sleep. 
SleepImage presents researchers with a unique, cost-effective approach to  cast better light on the importance of sleep for overall health & wellbeing, based on retrospective or prospective analysis of ECG data collected during sleep.