The First and Only Objective Measure of Sleep Quality 

The SleepImage system is the most simple and cost effective way to objectively measure sleep quality.  Consisting of a tiny sleep recorder and secure website, access to results and reports is immediate. Together with Snore, ECG, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Actigraphy, and Body Position, SleepImage provides a picture of sleep quality, easy to understand reports, and a simple number to indicate quality of sleep called the Sleep Quality IndexTM (SQI).  Sleep can now be measured and tracked in much the same way as weight, blood pressure, or temperature.


  • Easy to use - virtually no set up required
  • Very low cost per test
  • Unobtrusive - offering a more accurate measure of sleep quality
  • Ideal for pediatric patients
  • Achieve therapy benefit not just compliance
  • Test up to 6 consecutive nights
  • Indicates extent of Insomnia, Limb Movements, Obstructive, Central or Complex apnea

Who's Using SleepImage?

  • Sleep Medicine Specialists - identify outlying patients, optimize titration of PAP, CBT, or other therapy to increase compliance
  • Dentists - optimize titration of an Oral Appliance to demonstrate benefit of therapy
  • Integrative Medicine Drs. - identify those in need of sleep improvement and monitor changes in sleep quality to personalize treatment regime
  • Corporate Wellness Programs - optimize employee health and productivity
  • Sleep Clinics - differentiate your Sleep Clinic from an Apnea Lab
  • Psychiatrists - measure the impact of medications on patient sleep
  • Researchers - sleep and: pain, FMS, depression, compliance, pharma



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